Performing our Trans Bodies

I've been thinking about Will Young's new video "Brave Man' featuring a young transman named Finn,  walking naked through a town (Brighton??), and while I feel a little self-conscious about sharing this clip and looking like I'm tooting my own horn, I've decided to do it anyway:

In 2010 I walked naked on the streets of Barcelona for the end of the film 'Fake Orgasm' with a very different energy -- I'd like to share that with you all here for us to think about bodies, identities, narratives of trauma and tragedy and those of freedom and joyousness..

Content notice: full frontal nudity.

It is the closing clip from the 2010 film 'Fake Orgasm', directed by Jo Sol and produced by Zip Films. See the page here on my website for a description:

This clip focuses on the final scenes of the movie, with me and Jango Edwards, a brilliant American clown performer living in Barcelona, where the film was mostly shot.

The walk was filmed on the streets of Barcelona near La Rambla, and in the park, and the passersby did not know we were coming!

Feel free to contact me for more information about the video.

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